Chapters 7, 9, and 11 refer to supplemental animations. They are gathered together on this page. If your browser is unable to play these directly, you’ll need to download them (try right-clicking on the file links).

Chapter 7: Diagrams and Animations

Here is an animation of an orbit with epicycles made using Javis: 395k MP4 video.

This is a short video of a vibrational mode of a drum head, assembled using the Reel package: 43k MP4 video.

Chapter 9: Physics

The Oceananigans section shows how to set up a 2D simulation of thermally convecting flow. Below are links to videos of the simulation showing the temperature field, the horizontal velocity component, and the vertical velocity component.

Temperature (686k MP4 video)

Horizontal velocity (537k MP4 video)

Vertical velocity (584k MP4 video)

Chapter 11: Biology

In order to gather data for the artificial evolution experiment, we ran many predator-prey simulations using the Agents package. This video shows one of them. The prey creatures are blue dots, and the predators are red or green open circles with small dot at their centers. The red predators have locked on to a target and are pursuing it; the green ones are waiting for someone to come into range.

Agents simulation (6.9M MP4 video)